5 Books Every Finance Professional Should Read

How To Reignite Your Love For Your Finance Career

Dear Finance Professional,‍ Do you remember the excitement you had when you first began your finance career? The thrill of

5 Board Games Every Accountant Would Enjoy

In the fast-paced world of finance, a little rest can go a long way in recharging the analytical mind. What
Top 5 Nigerian FMCG Companies in 2023

Behind the Numbers: Top 5 Nigerian FMCG Companies in 2023 and the CFOs Driving their Growth

A highlight of the financial powerhouses driving remarkable achievements in Nigeria's consumer foods sector.
5 Financial Lessons CFOs Can Learn From FMCG Companies.

5 Financial Lessons CFOs can learn from high-performing FMCG Companies.

Here are five lessons that can guide CFOs in making strategic decisions and optimizing financial performance.

ECFOs Community: 2023 in Review

In 2023, our community transformed. With a new name, captivating events, and exciting initiatives, we achieved significant milestones. As we

Unlocking the Trends of Salary Satisfaction within the Nigerian Finance Industry

Have you ever wondered what your peers in the finance industry are earning? Do you struggle with negotiating your salary
CFO Growth Tips

6 Growth Tips for a First-Time CFO

In today’s commercial climate, the role of the CFO is morphing from being solely process-focused to revenue and growth-focused. Here

Transforming Finance: Elevate the role of finance professionals by implementing a Business Partnering Framework in 10 steps

In today's dynamic business environment, finance departments are evolving from transactional roles to strategic business partners.By implementing a finance business

How Can Finance Professionals Prepare for The Future of Payments in Africa?

The landscape of payment operations in Africa is changing rapidly. From finance professionals at medium to large-scale organisations, to business

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