Simplifying International Payments: Challenges and Solutions for Accounts Payable Teams

Streamlining international payments requires strategic approaches and innovative solutions, from fluctuating exchange rates to regulatory compliance hurdles.

What is Vendor Financing and How Can Your Business Benefit From It?

With the end of the year comes a lot of introspection about the financial activities of the year.In this guide,

Streamlining Procurement to Pay (P2P): A Guide to Digitalization

Digitalisation has revolutionized various business processes, and one area that can greatly benefit from it is the procurement to pay

Payment Automation in Accounts Payable: How it Works and What it Means for Your Company

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, payment automation has emerged as a key enabler for organizations seeking to stay competitive

How offering B2B Buy Now Pay Later to Your Customers can Boost Your Business

B2B Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is a payment option that allows businesses to purchase goods and services with the

How Can Finance Professionals Prepare for The Future of Payments in Africa?

The landscape of payment operations in Africa is changing rapidly. From finance professionals at medium to large-scale organisations, to business

The State of B2B Payments in Africa Report 2023 is Live!

Building on the first edition, we zoomed in on four top markets. This year’s report is a comprehensive study of

5 Things You Must Know Before Automating Payments

According to a 2023 research by Duplo, 79.9% of Nigerian businesses surveyed stated that their payment system was either semi-automated

Approval Workflows and Team Adoption

One of the main challenges of implementing a payment approval workflow is resistance from team members. It is a major

Getting started with Automated Accounts Payable

Automated accounts payable (AAP) is a process that uses software and other technologies to automate the accounts payable process. Instead

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