Pay up to 500 Recipients at a Time

Manage and streamline large-scale transactions while reducing processing time and costs.

Make payments a breeze

Simplify your payroll

Complicated payroll is a thing of the past. Pay your staff in one go.

Pay vendors and suppliers at a go

Strengthen relationships by ensuring timely and consistent payments, potentially negotiating better terms.

Increase efficiency within your team

Pay multiple recipients at once

Streamline processes by sending multiple payments in one go, saving time and effort compared to individual transactions.

Minimize errors

Reduce errors in data entry and transaction processing often associated with the manual handling of individual payments.

Enhance your cash flow

Save on unnecessary costs

Reduce transaction fees and administrative costs associated with processing multiple payments separately.

Improve cash flow management

Enhance financial control by scheduling payments in bulk, and optimizing cash flow planning.

Pay up to 500 people in minutes.


Download Template - Download the recipient list template from your Duplo Dashboard


Upload list - Fill out all the relevant columns. Double-check all the information before uploading it.


Pay - Make the payments now or schedule them for later.

Built to integrate and share data with your finance tech stack

Integrate Quickbooks with Duplo
Integrate Duplo with Zoho
Integrate Duplo with Xero
Integrate Duplo with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Integrate Duplo with Sage
Integrate Duplo with SAP

Got questions? We've got answers

How many payments can I make at once?

You can make up to 500 payments at a time.

It depends on the number of payments you are making, but it should not take more than 30 minutes.

Yes, if you have an approval workflow set up, then the bulk payment will need to be approved before it can be paid out.

Bulk payments can streamline the payment process, saving time and effort for businesses that need to make payments to a large number of recipients. It helps improve productivity, reduce manual errors, and enhance overall payment efficiency and accuracy.


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