Make Invoicing a Breeze

Effortlessly create and send invoices with integrated payment options in just a few clicks for swift and seamless payments.

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Accelerate your payment process by getting paid 2x faster

Effortlessly generate invoices

Say goodbye to the slow and tedious process of manual invoicing. With Duplo, you can automate invoicing at scale with ease.

Simplify payment for customers

Each invoice is equipped with a unique virtual account number, making it easier for you to reconcile payments upon receipt.

Enhance cash flow

Receive the money you're owed promptly and have it directly deposited into your Duplo wallet, boosting your cash flow.

Create professionally branded invoices

Personalize with your branding

Easily incorporate your logo into your invoices, ensuring that each one reflects your unique brand identity.

Customize invoice fields

Tailor the fields on your invoices to suit your specific requirements and organize them as needed.

Save time and optimize results

Send invoices directly

Streamline your process by automatically sending invoices to your customers via email directly from Duplo.

Effortlessly track invoice status

Monitor the progress of your invoices at every step right from your Duplo dashboard, making it easy to stay informed.

Effortlessly create invoices with our simple 1-2-3 process!


Input Details - Fill in all the necessary order details, such as discounts, taxes, and additional fees.


Review Your Invoice - Take a moment to review the invoice and ensure that all the information is accurate and complete.


Send With Ease - Once you're satisfied, simply click send. The invoice will be automatically delivered to your customer's email. Alternatively, you can download or copy the invoice link and share it directly with them.

Built to integrate and share data with your finance tech stack

Integrate Quickbooks with Duplo
Integrate Duplo with Zoho
Integrate Duplo with Xero
Integrate Duplo with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Integrate Duplo with Sage
Integrate Duplo with SAP

Got questions? We've got answers

How does the customer get the invoice?

The invoice is sent to the customer via email.

The invoice will be under the Unpaid Invoices category. As soon as a payment is made, it will reflect your balance and you can view this on your dashboard.

No, there is no limit to the Duplo invoices you can create in a day.

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