Join Us in Shaping the Future of Financial Operations, Together

Discover a fintech platform that gives your clients a better way to manage their payments and financial operations, all in one place.

Help your clients automate their financial operations

We are constantly seeking partners across different verticals to foster collaborative growth

Software Resellers

Effortlessly integrate our solution directly into your clients' accounting software. We will take care of managing risk, compliance, support, and integration.

Industry Associations

Collaborate with us to drive innovation and shape and propel new business initiatives among your network.

Financial institutions

Help your clients better manage their day-to-day financial operations without stress by integrating Duplo with your platform.

Lending institutions

Offer your lending facilities to an even larger customer base through our Buy-Now-Pay-Later and invoice financing offerings.

Accounting firms

Set your clients up for success with our full-stack financial operations platform so they can manage all their finance and payment processes in one place.

What you can offer your customers with a Duplo partnership

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