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Latest Accounting and Finance Compliance Updates in Nigeria: What You Need to Know (IFRS Standards, Tax Regulations and more)

These compliance updates include updates on IFRS standards, tax regulations and more have been instituted to improve transparency and support

June Product Update: Team-based Expenses

This month, we are introducing our Team-based expense feature which benefits mid-sized and enterprise-level businesses with complex payment needs.

10 Top Financial Automation Tools for Efficiency

These tools can help streamline processes, reduce errors, and provide valuable insights, ultimately driving better decision-making.


Navigating Compliance: Essential Knowledge for B2B Finance Professionals in Nigeria

Duplo Unveils Vendor Management Portal

Duplo Unveils Vendor Management Portal


B2B Report: 1st Edition

B2B Report: 2nd Edition

Navigating Inflation and FX Shortages through Effective Cash Flow Management


Successful Cash Flow Management Strategies for Nigerian Businesses

Gain expert insights on how to overcome inflation and FX shortages and adapt to this evolving economic climate.

The Modern CFO: Harnessing the Power of Automation for Growth

What is automation and is it truly beneficial for finance teams? Learn more from experts!

How to Land a Role in Tech as a Finance Professional

Looking to venture into the tech industry but not sure how to get started? Tune in to our webinar to find out.

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