March 2024 Product Update

This March, we have made some exciting developments regarding our products.

Making payments just got easier

Our comprehensive product suite is designed to accommodate making payments easier for various finance teams, regardless of their size or

Why Duplo’s Vendor Management Is The Best Choice For You And Your Vendors

Often, businesses suffer because they insist on manual vendor management processes over simplified software and this can lead to loss

Introducing our latest feature- Instant Settlement!

As part of our commitment to simplifying financial operations for businesses, we are excited to introduce to you our Instant

December Monthly Product Update

We are excited to round up the year with the final product update highlighting the following features.

What is Vendor Financing and How Can Your Business Benefit From It?

With the end of the year comes a lot of introspection about the financial activities of the year.In this guide,

November Product Highlights: Virtual Accounts

Here are 3 distinct ways you can use virtual accounts from the Duplo dashboard to revolutionize your approach to finance:

November Product Update

Bringing you our latest product updates from November to simplify your financial operations even further. Our new features provide you

October 2023 Product Update: All you need to know about our new features

In October, we launched some new features to help you and your team streamline your financial operations. Check them out

From Chaos to Control: How Duplo’s Spend Management Product Can Streamline Your Financial Operations

Categorize your expenses, set budgets for all expense accounts, and gain full visibility over all your business expenses with our latest

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