What are ERPs and how can my team benefit from them?

ERPs are integrated software solutions designed to manage core business processes such as finance, human resources, supply chain, manufacturing...

Simplifying International Payments: Challenges and Solutions for Accounts Payable Teams

Streamlining international payments requires strategic approaches and innovative solutions, from fluctuating exchange rates to regulatory compliance hurdles.

Mastering Account Receivable Formulas: A Finance Professional’s Guide

Account receivable formulas are essential tools for finance professionals to effectively manage and analyze a company's receivables. These formulas help

Let’s Debunk 5 Misconceptions Nigerian Finance Professionals Have About Finance Software

Many Nigerian finance professionals cling to manual financial processes, often due to misconceptions surrounding B2B finance software. Let's debunk these

The Pitfalls of Manual Reconcilation and How Automation Helps You Avoid Them

The transition from archaic to automated reconciliation processes represents a shift towards increased efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability.

10 Vendor Management Software for Businesses of Different Sizes

Whether you are a small, medium, or enterprise-level business, if you work with suppliers, you know how tasking managing those

CFOs Ask: With Automation, Will My Team Become Obsolete?

As automation continues to evolve and become more prevalent, it's natural for CFOs to wonder about the future of their

A Guide to Financial Health Assessments for the Modern Finance Professional

With the end of the year comes a lot of introspection about the financial activities of the year.In this guide,

The A1 Audit Checklist for the Smart Accountant: 17 Points to Help You Ace Audit Season

“Had I known, I would have done this or that” is the last thing you want to say when audit

Top 10 Best Expense Management Providers for B2B Organizations

To help you automate your expense management process, we've compiled a list of the top 10 best expense management providers

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