October 23, 2023

October 2023 Duplo Product Update: All you need to know about our new features

In October, we launched some new features to help you and your team streamline your financial operations. Check them out here.

At Duplo, we are constantly thinking about how to simplify your business operations. In line with this, we have launched some new features to make this a reality. We hope they are instrumental in streamlining your financial operations and freeing up more valuable time for you and your team.

The features are detailed below with helpful links to walkthroughs that guide you step by step on how to use these features effectively.

Spend Management

With our new Spend Management platform, you can eliminate the anxiety and procrastination that comes with manual spend management.

Duplo’s Spend Management platform helps you categorize your expenses, set budgets for different expense accounts, and gain visibility over your expenses. Learn more

Schedule Bulk Payouts

Our Bulk Payout feature helps you manage payments to many people at once. With Bulk Payouts, you can schedule payments for a future date so you relax and wait for the success notification. Learn more

Custom Roles

For businesses to run smoothly and efficiently, there are functions assigned to different individuals within the business depending on their role. With our Custom Roles feature you create as many roles as possible in line with your business operations.

You can name roles in whatever way suits your company structure e.g. Sales Manager, Operations Lead, etc., and specify the exact functions you would want each of them to have. When you are done creating your preferred roles set them up on Workflows to enjoy simplified business operations. Learn more

Want to explore these new features and our other product offerings? Here you go

Is there something you would like us to innovate around to help your business operations, please let us know here.

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