Get Paid Faster with Personalized Payment Links

Create and share payment links with your customers so they can pay you anytime in just a few clicks.

help your customers make payment faster

Get paid faster

Increase conversion

Make it easier for your customers to complete payments, leading to increased sales for your business.

Easy setup and use

No additional infrastructure, website or coding experience needed. Create a link within a minute and start accepting payments.

Simplify the payment process for both parties

Offer your customers multiple ways to pay

Give your customers more flexibility with the option to pay by transfer, card, or USSD.

Send payment requests through any channel

Reach customers on their preferred communication channel- email, SMS, WhatsApp, or social media.

Gain clear insight into your sales

Monitor spending patterns

Gain insights into customer behavior, track the performance of your payment links, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your payment processes.

Track all receivables

Monitor all incoming payments on one consolidated dashboard, including partial payments.

Collect payments in 3 easy steps


Create link - Input the order and customer details.


Share link - Share the link with your customer on their preferred communication channel.


Get paid - our customer can choose to pay you via transfer, card or USSD. You get paid into your Duplo wallet.

Built to integrate and share data with your finance tech stack

Integrate Quickbooks with Duplo
Integrate Duplo with Zoho
Integrate Duplo with Xero
Integrate Duplo with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Integrate Duplo with Sage
Integrate Duplo with SAP

Got questions? We've got answers

What do my customers have to do on my payment page?

They can review the order details and then select their preferred payment method to complete the payments. 

Not at all. Your customers can complete the payment directly via the link.

Log in to your DuploPay dashboard and go to Payment Page > Manage Payment links. All your links will appear here.

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