November 30, 2023

November Product Highlights: Virtual Accounts

Here are 3 distinct ways you can use virtual accounts from the Duplo dashboard to revolutionize your approach to finance:

Effectively manage your Financial operations with Virtual Accounts

Streamline how you manage your financial operations with Duplo’s virtual accounts. These accounts act as a digital bank account that is created and managed entirely online.

Here are 3 distinct ways you can use virtual accounts from the Duplo dashboard to revolutionize your approach to finance:

Customer Accounts

You can create unique virtual accounts for each of your customers from the Duplo dashboard and share them with your customers. These dedicated accounts enable your customers to make payments directly to you.  Each time a customer makes a payment using the virtual account you have created for them, you will see the transaction recorded against the customer’s account on the dashboard. This organized approach simplifies reconciliation, allowing you to effortlessly track incoming payments.

Explore how to create customer accounts here.

Expense Accounts

Effortlessly categorize your business expenditures through Duplo’s expense accounts feature. Create specific accounts for different expense items, tailor these accounts to individuals or teams, and even set budgets as needed.

All transaction details linked to these expense accounts are readily accessible on your Duplo dashboard for easy reconciliation.

To learn more on how to create expense accounts, click here.

Business Accounts

Your primary business account within Duplo functions akin to a standard bank account. It serves as the hub for both incoming and outgoing payments. You can seamlessly move funds between this main business account, customer accounts, and expense accounts.

All transactions across your account are recorded and can be viewed on the dashboard. Moreover, you have the flexibility to transfer funds from your business account to your designated settlement bank account whenever necessary.

In essence, virtual accounts offered through our partnerships with banks and licensed financial service providers empower you to efficiently handle customer payments, monitor expenses, and oversee overall business operations.

You can our virtual accounts repeatedly for multiple transactions or request one-time use accounts.

Are ready to streamline your financial operations with our virtual accounts?  Here you go.

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