October 16, 2023

How MDS gained full visibility on their expense management with Duplo 

MDS Logistics Limited is Nigeria’s leading provider of integrated supply chain solutions. With a network of 44 distribution centres across Nigeria, MDS needed expense management systems that could serve its growing operational base. With Duplo, they have been able to improve how they pay beneficiaries across the country. The result? Successfully achieving full visibility in expense management. Read on for their story.

MDS Expense Management

About MDS Logistics

MDS Logistics Limited is Nigeria’s leading provider of integrated supply chain solutions. They offer logistics and ancillary services to manufacturers, importers, service providers, and wholesale distributors across the nation. With a presence in 28 states of Nigeria, MDS links companies, distributors, and customers in key commercial cities. 

The Challenge

  • Inefficient expense management due to poor visibility
  • Inability to automate the delegation of approval roles 
  • Slow payout rates

When it comes to expense management, Finance Leaders especially Accounts Payable Managers face a common dilemma — the need for full visibility and accountability while ensuring that beneficiaries’ privacy is not breached. 

MDS had been trying to solve this before Duplo. It was often difficult to disburse funds for expenses to fleet workers on the field without mixing up their personal accounts with provisional accounts. When reviewing statements at the end of the month, it was difficult to tell which expense was correct and which wasn’t. 

Duplo Steps in

Improved MDS Expense Management through Simplified Efforts

Since adopting Duplo into their payment flow, MDS Logistics has been able to gain visibility into the expense operations of stations across the country, improve internal control, and see the pace of payments accelerate, all without violating the privacy of beneficiaries. 

Key wins MDS Logistics has recorded with Duplo 

  • Improved internal control. Duplo has created visibility on our stations, and knowing where the money goes is critical. 
  • The process for handling payments is no longer “heavy”. 
  • We now have faster transactions because we have delegated authority downwards.”

The Accounts Payable Manager, Elizabeth Akinbode had this to say:

“For me, Duplo means simplified efforts! Before Duplo, we had a long list of processes and procedures in making payouts to our beneficiaries but on Duplo, where you are, anywhere you are, you are able to do that with little effort. Duplo has been a very big plus to us.”

What’s next?

Duplo is continuously used for MDS expense management and anticipates more products that will keep helping the team enjoy “a painless and digitized payment process.” The goal is to continue to have global visibility on their expense accounts, keep learning on the go, and strengthen the business relationship between both companies.

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