December 30, 2023

December Monthly Product Update

We are excited to round up the year with the final product update highlighting the following features.

We are excited to round up the year with the final product update highlighting the following features:

1. Vendor Portal:

To enable seamless interactions, simplified communication and enhanced transactions between merchants and their vendors, we introduce to you the Vendor Portal.

Here are some of the key features of the Vendor Portal:

Amongst other things, the vendor portal provides you with the ability to do the following :

  • Upload invoices for payment.
  • Upload purchase order.
  • View all your transactions.

3 steps to switch up your vendor management using Duplo’s Vendor Portal.

Activate vendor portal > Add your vendors > Get your vendors to sign up

2. Role change from Dashboard:

The ability for the merchants to change the roles of their team members: One of the features that we have worked on, is the ability for merchants to alter the roles on the Duplo platform, this gives room for customization and control of team members.

3. Balances on transaction reports:

In addition to all the details we provide for each transaction, you can now view your previous and new balance for each transaction from the dashboard to help your reconciliation.

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