February 22, 2024

How An IT Consulting Company Solved Payment Collection Bottlenecks for Its Clients Using Duplo Checkout Solutio

Many IT consultants are constantly searching for how to integrate the most effective solutions into the products they build for their clients. For this Duplo customer, it wasn’t only about finding a provider with good white-label policies but deploying technologies that can solve the unique challenges their clientele have. Here’s how Duplo was able to help. 

duplo checkout solution aids IT company


This client is a B2B IT solutions company that specializes in building custom technology products for businesses across different sectors including real estate and healthcare.

Their products range from portal solutions to agent management systems, hospital management systems, and more.


This company faced one main challenge: the end users of the portals they had built for their clients were reluctant to add their card details online. Because of this, their clients were unable to capture a lot of transactions, leading to a continuous revenue loss. This also increased the burden on them as they had to manage all their payments manually.

The Solution

This IT company considered ways to solve this problem for their clients. They had seen other IT firms implement similar technology solutions, and they wanted to deploy the same for their client base. They knew that this idea was possible, so they did their research and settled on Duplo.

They found their solution in Duplo’s Virtual Accounts. By integrating their backend with Duplo’s checkout solution they were able to offer their customers multiple payment methods as well as automate their collections. 

How do they use Duplo?

  1. The company integrates its clients’ portals into Duplo’s checkout solution
  2. Every user is provided with a virtual account number that they can pay into
  3. Their users can choose to make the payment using their method of choice: pay by transfer and pay by USSD, pay or by card
  4. Once the user makes the payment, the client receives an automated SMS and email notification from Duplo confirming the payment


Duplo has really helped our business and that of our partners and clients. As a result of deploying the technology and connecting to Duplo, we have solved a lot of our problems. It has made payments a lot easier, and a lot stress-free. Thank you Duplo for this solution, we appreciate it.

Being a B2B company means that you are successful when the businesses you service win as well. For this client, they’ve seen their customers record significant results since introducing Duplo as a payment solution on the portals they build. 

Key wins include:

Customer satisfaction: Their clients are a lot happier. The solutions they now deploy for their customers have become reliable with a more efficient payment processing system in place. 

Stress-free transactions: Their clients are able to get their users to make hassle-free payments, regardless of their location across the country.

Elimination of Manual Payment Processing: Before deploying Duplo, their clients were manually uploading their payment data and reaching out to banks to confirm these payments. Now, everything is automated, saving them time and money. 

Increased Revenue: After simplifying their payment process, their clients were able to process more transactions within shorter time frames, boosting their revenue.  

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