April 20, 2023

10 Best E-commerce Platforms to Buy Wholesale Products in Nigeria

Looking for websites to buy wholesale goods in Nigeria? Well, look no further because, in this comprehensive guide, you will find the top 10 best platforms.

E-commerce has grown rapidly over the last ten years. Business owners as well as individuals can now buy a wide range of products online from e-commerce platforms

As a business owner in Nigeria, it’s important that you find the right platforms to buy wholesale goods. This article outlines ten of these e-commerce platforms. Some of them offer other business incentives such as Buy Now Pay Later and Inventory Financing facilities.

If you’re looking for where you can buy goods in bulk in Nigeria, this post is for you.


Ezewholesale.com is an e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of wholesale products for businesses to purchase at discounted prices. The company specialises in selling electronics and tech products, including smartphones, tablets, computers, accessories, and more.

They also offer refurbished and used items that are tested and certified for quality and functionality. One unique feature of Eze is that they offer Buy Now Pay Later.

Beta store

Betastore.co is an online B2B retail platform that helps small retailers source their inventory and get access to credit. They have operations in Nigeria, Senegal, and Ivory Coast.

Beta Store partners with Field agents, Distributors  & retailers, and delivery companies to get consumer goods


Marketforce360.com connects informal retailers with leading FMCG producers to ensure goods get to users regardless of location.

They are a digital commerce marketplace that enables trade among Africa’s informal merchants and leading consumer brands.

Marketforc360’s RejaReja is an all-inclusive B2B commerce & fintech platform that empowers informal merchants in Africa to source, order and pay for inventory digitally. They also offer access to financing.


Matta.trade is an online marketplace where you can search, compare, sample, quote, and purchase industrial chemicals and raw materials. Product categories range from Adhesives and Sealants to Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals as well as Printing and Packaging and eleven more..


Wellcomart.com is the “agro-economic” arm of WELLCO. Wellcomart offers access to groceries and other agro-products at lower prices than retail processes. Wellcomart offers Buy Now Pay Later giving customers more purchasing power and has a physical pickup location.


Multipro (mcpl.com.ng) was founded in 1996 by the Tolaram Group, Multipro Consumer Products Limited is a leading distribution company in Africa with a wide assortment of consumer goods brands.

The business solutions they offer include FMCG Sales, Logistics, Indomie Cafe, and Horeca. Through Horeca, they provide bulk supplies to hospitality brands such as restaurants and hotels. Multipro offers an online platform for ordering goods which is only accessible to registered distributors.


Omnibiz.com is a supply chain startup that offers retailers a means of restocking their inventory more conveniently. They offer an online platform that connects manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and logistics operators. They are able to reach users even in remote areas.

To get started, users are to download the Omnibiz app, place orders, and agents will deliver goods to selected locations.


Alerzo.com is a tech-enabled platform specially built for informal retail store owners. Retailers can order and pay for goods digitally. The platform also offers bill payments and peer-to-peer transactions.  They currently operate in Lagos and Ibadan. To get started on Alerzo, there are numbers available on their website. New users can also fill out an inquiry form.


Tradedepot.co offers retailers simplified access to consumer goods inventory. They serve as a bridge between manufacturers and retailers. Their delivery agents are able to reach remote areas.

TradeDepot provides inventory micro-loans to retailers. They have a monthly research work called Tends that shows which products are in high demand.

Sign up via their website to get started and their team will reach out to you with further information.


Vendease.com provides a procurement platform for groceries and other supplies to brands within the food service industry. Vendease operates in five Nigerian cities as well as Accra, Ghana. Buy Now Pay Later is available to enable food businesses to stock up and keep running even when cash flow is low. They also offer other solutions and features that make procurement more seamless.

New users are required to request a demo or sign up to get on board.

Duplo offers Buy Now Pay Later for e-commerce platforms as well as for B2B wholesalers and distributors. Learn how to access this service for your online store as well as for wholesale purchases.

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