March 26, 2024

March 2024 Product Update

This March, we have made some exciting developments regarding our products.

We have made some exciting developments regarding our products with features such as instant settlement, vendor portal enhancements, post-transaction notifications, invoice management, and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL).

Automated Instant Settlement

Our Automated Instant Settlement feature enables you to receive your business proceeds immediately, without waiting for the regular settlement timeline. You can read more on how instant settlement works using this link.

BNPL details on the Merchant Dashboard.

Now you view the details of customers that pay you using Duplo’s Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) from the Merchant Dashboard. This provides a comprehensive view of transactions and all the details you require for better management and tracking of your business funds. To get started with our BNPL product, please reach out to our team here

Vendor Management Enhancements

Our Vendor Management solutions have been enhanced to provide a more streamlined and intuitive experience for our vendors and buyers. These include Invoice financing setup from the buyer dashboard, Invoice management on the vendor portal, and more. Ready to create a strong and resilient supply chain? Speak to our team here.

Post-Transaction Notification

To ensure our users are promptly informed about new features and important updates on our products, we started putting up very user-friendly notices at the end of transactions on the dashboard. Be sure to take a look the next time you transact.

Invoice Deletion

With this feature, you can easily delete invoices that you no longer need thereby giving you a more tidy invoice management experience.

We are excited about the possibilities the next quarter holds and are committed to further enhancing our platform based on user feedback and market trends.

Want to explore these new features and our other product offerings? Get started now. Is there something you would like us to innovate around to help your business operations? Please let us know here

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